Customized solutions to meet your needs.

Our products are packaged in 5 qt, 7 qt, half pints, pints or 1 gallon pans and delivered fresh. Please contact us via email at or call 202-257-5323 and ask about our pastry and gelato consulting services and wholesale distribution options.

We will help You!

Chef Gianluigi can help you open your shop! From the design and architecture to getting the best prices on showcase equipment and display cases, we will make sure that your gelato not only tastes amazing but looks great too. Please visit our partner World of Gelato for details about a large array of Italian brands and design finishes.

Extensive Experience

Coming from a rich history in the restaurant business, Chef Gianluigi has extensive experience consulting with chefs and restauranteurs to personalize flavors and meet your specific restaurant needs. Dolci Gelati offers consulting services to ensure our gelato is customized for your freezer and clients at no additional cost.

Find Dolci Gelati Near You!

Our gelato can be found all over the DMV, here are some of our top locations, please let us know if there is a store near you where you would like to see our gelato.

  • Whole Foods Markets in DC, MD, and VA
  • The National Zoo
  • The National’s Stadium
  • Vace – 3315 Connecticut Ave NW Washington, DC & 4705 Miller Ave Bethesda, MD
  • The Italian Store – 5837 Washington Blvd Arlington, VA & 3123 Lee Hwy Arlington, VA
  • Trinacria Deli – 406 N Paca St Baltimore, MD 21202
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