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Dolci Gelati can customize flavors and ingredients for your next event whether it is an array of pink gelati and sorbet for a breast cancer awareness party; red, white and blue stacked pans of gelato for a political event; vegan sorbet for a vegetarian party; or champagne sorbet to complete a wedding menu, Dolci Gelati can whip up just about anything into palatable, delicious gelato.

We also do a full line of specialty spiked flavors made for the bar such as lime-mint sorbet to be mixed with rum for mojitos and green apple/watermelon sorbet for your martini bar. In addition to gelato, Chef Gianluigi can create custom pastry, cakes, and even items like pizza and Lasagne, contact us today to cater your next event!

Gelato Carts/ Gelato Truck

Dolci Gelati has several authentic gelato carts for parties and festivals. The cart has wheels and is easily maneuverable, has a self contained compressor, a dip well, water tank, an umbrella, and storage area for cups and other supplies. The cart will be delivered and picked up at the location or at your facility and will be pre-filled with the gelato flavors of your choice. The cart, fully charged, will stay cold for up to 8 to 12 hours. We also have a Gelato Truck that can hold up to 8 flavors! E-mail us for more info!

The Gelato Bar

Attendants may be scheduled at your request. Dolci Gelati can provide a custom gelato bar that is sleek, modern, and easy to setup. Additionally, we can set up a chocolate fondue fountain, cotton candy or a kettle corn popcorn bar at your event. Please call us to schedule a tasting or presentation.

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